4 Tips for Better Work and Communication in MS Teams

Live reactions, improved presenter mode, adding a Whiteboard card or pinning a frequently used file. Read about four small tweaks that will make work more pleasant and will improve your communication in MS Teams.

23 Feb 2021

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Live reactions during a call

During meetings in a digital environment, social interactions between participants, such as nods or smiles, are partially lost. MS Teams therefore came up with the possibility of four "live reactions" with which you can react to the speaker without having to interrupt him. "Smileys" can be found next to the raised hand icon, after clicking on them, these reactions last for a few seconds and are visible to all participants. You can also disable them if necessary.

Interestingly, all reactions are only positive. Probably to be nice to each other :)

Presenter mode during a meeting

If you are lecturing or simply using presentations during meetings, you will welcome the new mode of the presenter, where your prepared notes are displayed to the right of the current slide. And below you can see an overview of all slides of your presentation.

If you don't want others to look at the slides of your presentation forwards (or even backwards), you can use the "eye" icon to disable this feature.

Adding a Whiteboard card

If you like to use Whiteboard when working together, you will appreciate that you can now attach it as a card to your Team's channel (see the pictures below).

Pin an important file

Do you use some of the files in your Team more than others? Pull them "up" and pin them (see picture below) so you have them on hand and you don't have to search for them among less important files..

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