Wireless Wi-Fi Connection

Instructions: eduroam for Android 4.3+


The steps in this guide are valid for older Android devices. Updated instructions relevant for newer versions of the system are available here.

For an older Android OS, the installation of eduroamCAT or manual installation of the certificate may not work properly and you may not be able to connect to the Eduroam network. The solution for such devices is to log in via the MUNI network (however, logging in to this network is not secure). We apologize for any inconvenience. Information about the update can be found here.


If you have eduroamCAT already previously installed, you must first uninstall it before installing the new version, remove the Eduroam network from the list of networks, restart the device, and only then proceed with the installation of the new configuration.

Download and install the eduroamCAT application from Google Play Store, you cannot install the profile without this application.

Download the installation profile from cat.eduroam.org (you might also use the QR code instead of the link)

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Select Czech republic in the menu Where are you from and as organisation, choose Masaryk university

Select the appropriate version of Android, which is installed on your device

Tap the button with the text You have account for this institution...

Summary of the profile that you wish to download will be displayed; if the device offers you two configuration profiles, select Android

Tap Download installation programme

Downloaded profile will be displayed in the eduroamCAT application and can be installed now

Tap Install and confirm that you want to install the profile

Installer will ask you to enter login data

Fill in username and password:
and your secondary password

In case of installation errors, try to restart your phone, which is necessary in some cases

The profile will be installed after tapping Install

If your login data is correct and you are within the eduroam network reach, you will be connected in a while

Logging in to the eduroam network without certificates may risk attacks on the connected device. Please do not connect without them.

The eduroam network is protected by a firewall, but it is still very important to secure your own computer with a firewall as well.

Still having trouble with connection?

If the installation of eduroamCAT failed due to incompatibility of the Android device, the certificate must be installed manually.
In case you have trouble connecting, have a look at the  list of frequent problems.
In case you assume that the problem is on our side, you can report an incident.

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