Update Your Eduroam and VPN; else They Won't Work Anymore

We provide the best services to MUNI students and employees. That is why we have prepared changes that strengthen the connection to the Eduroam network as well as the VPN. However, you need to make simple updates for these connections to work properly after we make the changes.

31 Mar 2022

How to Update Eduroam?

The Eduroam configuration will be changed at noon on Wednesday, April 13, associated with minor network outages. However, you can update your connection - and ideally, do so - now. At the same time, it needs to be performed on each device through which you log in to this network (mobile phone, laptop, tablet, ...). How to do it? Select the instruction according to the device and operating system you have. Then all you have to do is follow simple steps, including downloading the eduroamCAT application, which will perform all the necessary updates.


Some Android mobile devices may still experience problems with the update installation. If this is the case, please contact us at it@muni.cz.

How to Update VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) provides secure remote access to a university network. Thanks to it, you can access Electronic Information Sources, use E-loan and other services.

As with Eduroam, the VPN connection needs to be updated. The procedure is similar; select the instruction according to the device you use for VPN access and follow its steps.

But Why those Updates? 

We want our services provided by MUNI to be of high quality and stable. Thanks to the changes we have made, the Eduroam connection will be even more resistant to outages than before. It will handle the onslaught and access of a more significant number of users at one time (for example, enrollment, TSP online tests, etc.). It will also make it easier for our administrators to manage these services, which will bring other technical benefits.

You don't have to worry about frequent changes - for the Eduroam network, it will probably be the last major update for a long time, directly affecting users.

If you have followed the referenced instructions correctly and you still have problems connecting, contact ServiceDesk at it@muni.cz for assistance.

Technical details of the planned change

  • TLS v1.0 support was removed
  • the CA EAP root certificate was changed to another provider's CA from CESNET to LetsEncrypt
  • the radius server for Wi-Fi and VPN MUNI was replaced, ie the IP address and radius server for Wi-Fi controllers and VPN servers was changed
  • the existing certificate expired and it is necessary to switch to a new one (the transition happened on 13th April)
  • the log in UČO@eduroam.muni.cz is no longer valid, please use UČO@muni.cz

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