ARTS R: Network Drive

This service is provided by the Faculty of Arts, MU.

The network drive called “Small storage (R:)” is enabled automatically in employee PCs and PCs in faculty classrooms. 

Using the storage

The R: network drive is used as an option to store your routine work data - text documents, sheets, PDF documents, a few images, etc. It can be practical especially for transferring data between the computers in your office and in the faculty classrooms. It can be also used to store scanned documents from centrally managed faculty copiers. 

The drive is connected to each user separately, data cannot be shared between users. 

Save your files in the folder 000000-My Documents. 

Data access

The R: network drive is accessible from any computer in the MUNI network, including wireless networks Eduroam and MUNI. It is connected automatically on computers managed centrally by the Faculty of Arts MUNI (PCs in offices and classrooms).  

You can connect the R: network drive on your own computer as another network drive or SFTP (Set Up the R: Drive on Your Computer). Before accessing the drive from anywhere on the Internet, you need to connect your computer to the MUNI network using a VPN. 

Storage parameters 

The R: network drive is the faculty service for all employees of the Faculty of Arts MUNI - it is technically supported by the Institute of Computer Science MUNI (storage and administration) and CIT FF (setting up centrally managed computers and printers). 

The recommended limit of data stored by one user is 100 GB; we recommend using other services to store data above 100 GB. Data storage is versioned; older versions (daily backups) are maintained by the storage operator for recovery for the period of one month. 

The storage is not intended for data sharing or automatic backup. To do this, we preferably recommend services from Office 365: 

  • OneDrive - storage space suitable for storing and sharing personal work documents, which enables setting up basic synchronization and backup of important folders on your computer. 
  • Office 365 Groups to share documents within a workgroup or workplace. 
  • Alternatively, SharePoint as a standalone repository with user access right management. 

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