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The provider of mobile telecommunication services for MUNI is Vodafone - a framework contract for 3 years was concluded in October 2018. In communication with this company, the Faculty of Arts, MUNI, is represented by the administrator, who provides SIM cards and performs their activation for new users. The administrator also takes care of changing the settings for voice/data plans and roaming, if requested by existing users.


For costs of voice and data plans and prices of calls abroad and roaming data packages - including the division of zones for calls and data abroad - see the university pricelist

TIP: You can use the faculty call calculator to compare the total cost of the services on a limited or unlimited plan.

User support

Data abroad - outside the Czech Republic and EU countries

Only the Faculty of Arts administrators are allowed to activate the data package outside the EU countries.
Data package is ordered for the period of stay abroad; it is necessary to specify the exact dates and countries of the employee’s travel.
Submit your requests for ordering data packages for “the rest of Europe and selected countries” and “the rest of the world” using the form Contact mobile phone support

Changes in settings

If you need help with any other changes in the settings of services, send your request to the mobile phone administrators using the form Contact mobile phone support. In urgent cases, you can call the mobile phone administrators directly (see contacts below).

Technical issues and blocked SIM cards

If you need help with technical issues or a blocked SIM card, it is recommended to contact the Vodafone support directly.

Setting up and transferring mobile numbers

Setting up your work mobile number

  1. The employee should consult the head of the respective department.
    The head approves the assignment of the work number to the workplace and the settings of services by means of a document, which should be completed and sent electronically to the mobile phone administrators to
    The mobile phone administrator enters the number in the Inet application and, at the same time, asks the operator to set up new / transfer existing numbers under the framework contract with the Masaryk University.
  2. Activate your SUPO account in Inet.
  3. At the Personnel Office, sign an approval of payroll deduction for private calls and SMS.
    (The approval of payroll deduction for meal tickets does not apply to mobile phone services.)
  4. Following the introduction of the phone number in Inet, use the application Osobní hovorné (Personal Call Charges) (Inet MU–>Osobní telefonie–>Osobní hovorné) to specify how private calls should be marked (see also Manual for Marking Private Calls).

Transfer of personal mobile number to a working one

  • If you have a personal mobile phone number at Vodafone, it is necessary to sign the form to transfer the number under the framework contract.
  • If you have a personal mobile phone number with a different operator, it is necessary to initiate the process of transfer to Vodafone to obtain the transfer code - ČVOP (transfer authorisation number) from this operator and sign the respective form to transfer the number under the framework contract of the Masaryk University.
  • After the transfer is completed, the personal mobile phone number becomes a Faculty of Arts work number (it can be later converted back to a personal one) - which, inter alia, is also published at the MU website (automatic personal card), MUNI IS and Inet.

Pay attention to possible obligations resulting from your current contract with the mobile operator - balance for your “loyalty period”, etc. ČVOP (code for transfer) is valid for 60 days. The completed form or the transfer code and completed form should be submitted to the mobile phone administrator at the Faculty of Arts only after the head of the department has approved the assignment of your number to the workplace (see above).

Other information

The plans are primarily intended for service telephones; service costs are covered from the budget of the workplace, with the exception of calls and SMS messages marked as private in the Inet information system.

The costs of data cannot be marked as private - data plans will always be paid for from the budget of the workplace.

On the other hand, premium SMS messages (tickets, donor SMS) will always be marked as private.

When crossing the border of the Czech Republic, the operator sends the so-called Welcome SMS - please, ignore its content, as the prices described do not correspond to the framework contract with the Masaryk University.

Mobile phone administrators

  • ​​​​​​Petra Boráková, tel. 549 497 185
  • Daniel Mikšík, tel. 777 111 651

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