MUNI Mobile Phones

Employees with a business telephone or data modem have the option to use the business mobile plan for voice or data communication. Currently, Vodafone is a mobile services provider of MU by 2021. In addition to business mobile plans, employees can also take advantage of special offers for family members.

Business Mobile Plan

  • applies only to employees with a business mobile phone
  • offers advantageous prices for telephony and internet connection in the Czech Republic and abroad (division of individual roaming zones is available in the price list)
  • offers calls between MU mobile phone numbers free of charge
  • the conditions for obtaining business mobile plans are the responsibility of individual faculties
  • based on the requirements of individual faculties, there is in processed overview of all calls, SMS and other services for every single number
  • employees can label private call charges in 

Activation of New Services and Handover of SIM Cards

To activate new services and hand over the SIM (new SIM, replacement), contact your university administrator who is authorized to deal with these situations with Vodafone.

SIM Blocking

If you need to block a lost or stolen SIM card or solve another technical problem, contact Vodafone support at 800 777 780.

Change Mobile Plan Settings

If you need to make changes to your service settings, contact your local administrator for further customization.

Payment for Private Use

The business mobile plan is primarily intended for business use. Services are paid from the workplace budget, but the following rules apply:

  • Mobile data plans - are always paid from the workplace budget (cannot be set as private).
  • Premium services (SMS tickets, donor SMS - DMS) - are always marked as private in INET and so they are paid for by each employee.

Data Roaming Abroad

Activation of the data package outside the European Union is done by your local mobile phone administrator. Before contacting him, please prepare a time period and a list of countries where you will be using the data services. Choose the right data package “rest of Europe and selected country” or “rest of the world” that is possible to see in the price list.

Welcome SMS Abroad

When logging into the foreign network of a local operator, the so-called "welcome SMS" will be sent once in 30 days. This SMS shows current prices that do not apply to the MU framework contract. The contents of these SMS can be ignored.

Business Mobile Plans for Family

  • designed for all employees, regardless of whether they use a business phone
  • each employee is entitled to up to 5 SIM cards
  • employee's family members can also use the SIM cards
  • the contractual relationship arises directly between Vodafone and the employee responsible for the payment
  • ordering can be done separately via (using UČO and following instructions to navigate the czech site)
  • check out the current employee plan offer
  • for inquiries about employee plans for family members, contact Vodafone support at 800 777 791 (only on weekdays 8–17 h)


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