Microsoft Outlook

Shared Mailboxes

Shared mailboxes are used to create a group e-mail address with automatic forwarding to a predefined group of users or for one user to distinguish the type of incoming messages.

What is a Shared Mailbox?

This is a special type of mailbox in Office 365 that can be used as

a. Team mailbox - a separate mailbox for a group of people (e.g., workplace, project team) who need to communicate on behalf of this group and have team mail different from their personal e-mails and available to all team members. It has its address, e.g.,,
b. Mailbox for job position/function - a different box for separating personal from job position communication (e.g., rector@muni, dean@faculty).

How Does a Shared Mailbox Work?

  • it does not have its identity (login name/password), the user can access it using his/her login (uč, password) based on the set permissions
  • it has its e-mail address (e.g.,
  • all mailbox members can view or connect the mailbox to their mail client - everyone sees all received and sent messages
  • members can send e-mails from the mailbox with their address or mailbox address

Creating and Managing a Shared Mailbox

  • Contact your workplace IT support to create or modify a shared mailbox.

The Usage of Shared Mailbox

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