FSS Exams Provision

In computer labs PC25 and PC26, we provide exam modes. Both lecture rooms have an application on the teacher PC to facilitate the setting of exam modes. Special accounts are used for testing: for ROPOTs in IS, or for testing in other applications (MS Word, SPSS,…).

ROPOT Testing

CIKT FSS staff are not trained in setting up ROPOTs. Contact us if you are interested in setting up PCs in computer labs for testing. If you are interested in helping to prepare and set up a ROPOT:

  • Contact faculty e-technician in this case:
    • checking the settings of the ROPOT
      checking the settings of the rights to the ROPOT
      range of IP addresses of computers in classrooms
      agreement of exam dates
  • Read information on setting up ROPOTs in IS MU Help

Other Applications Testing

For the type of tasks such as writing in Word, counting in SPSS, Excel or statistical programs, the student account is used. Please tell us the dates when you will be testing this way so we can prepare your lecture rooms.

Lecture Rooms Control Applications

To set up exam modes, we use a graphical application available via the web. A link to it is placed on teacher PCs in lecture rooms. We will help you to set up the lecture rooms, but we have already trained a number of teachers in the independent control of the lecture rooms and we allowed them to test students independently at the chosen time. We will be happy to train others, who are interested as well.

Warning. It is possible to control both PC25 and PC26 lecture rooms in the application, so when using the application, be careful with which room you work with in order not to accidentally restart another lecture room than you intend to.

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