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How to automatically transfer a course from one ELF version to another


Log in to the new ELF installation and click on the button Import a course (Přenos kurzu) in the top menu.

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First of all, choose the ELF version you want to transfer a course from (click on one of the folds). Then in the search field, type part of the name of the required course. You can use both long or short course names.

Important: Please, only transfer courses you will need in the academic year 2022–2023.

The picture is illustrative. In the current version of ELF, you will find more sheets with the previous ELF versions to choose from.


A list of courses that match the query you have entered will be displayed. Check the boxes for the ones you want to transfer to the new installation and click Import (Nahrát).

You can view the individual courses by clicking on their name.

Important: Only courses in which you are enrolled as a teacher and which have not yet been transferred to the new installation can be transferred. If there are multiple teachers in a given course, the course should be transferred only by one of them, based on mutual agreement.


The selected courses are queued for transfer. You can go back in a similar way and queue more courses.

On the page Issued transfers (Zadané převody), you can check what stage your transfer is currently in.

Depending on the size of the course and the current system load, it may take the system several hours to transfer the course.

What do the different statuses mean?

Issued (Kurz přidán) The course has been queued and is waiting to be transferred.
In Progress (Převod probíhá) A copy of the course in the new installation is being created.
Error (Chyba převodu) Course transfer has failed. The system will try transferring the course again at the nearest opportunity.
Finished (Převod dokončen) A copy of the course has been created in the new installation and is ready for use.

What exactly does Error mean?

The Error status indicates that the course transfer process has failed at some stage. This can have several different causes, and the system will try to eliminate the most common ones by trying to transfer the course again several hours later. Therefore, the error condition itself does not necessarily mean that the course will not be automatically transferred.

If you see the Transfer Error status for any of the courses, please wait until the next day and if the transfer still does not complete, contact user support at elf@phil.muni.cz. The CIT E-learning Office staff will help you solve the problem.

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When the transfer is complete, you will find your courses on the title page or using the search box in the top right corner of the page.

The new copy of the course assign the role of teacher to the user who initiated the course transfer. This user can also enroll other users in the course.


Open the course settings (Edit Settings –⁠ Upravit nastavení) option in the Administration (Správa) section on the left side of the screen and check:

  • Course visibility: If the course is hidden, students cannot see it.
  • Course name: Consider whether the course title should include a specific period in which it is taught (typically for courses taught each semester).
  • Course category: The course should be categorized according to the respective department within you teach it.
  • Course start and end dates: Setting these dates will help students, in particular, to navigate themselves in the course.
  • Course Code from IS (Kód předmětu v IS) field: Filling up this field will be helpful for further tracking of use of e-learning within your department.

Enter users (students and other teachers) in the course.

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