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Prior to autumn 2022, we are launching a new, clean version of ELF that will be in use in the academic year Autumn 2022–Spring 2023. This transition is a part of the ELF life cycle, about which we informed our colleagues the first time when launching the pilot installation of it, ELF 20/21.

Just as in the previous years, course creators and teachers will need to transfer the courses they will work with in the two coming terms to the currently used ELF version.

What does this exactly mean?

ELF now works witihin the frame of the life cycle (for more on the topic go here). That means each academic year, a new, clean version of ELF is created at the beginning of the period. The advantages of such process are increased ELF security and stability, faster system response, and better data usability for analytical purposes.

How will it affect the teachers and course creators?

Teachers and course creators need to use the tool for automatic transfer of courses and with its help, transfer the courses the will work with in the coming academic period into the new ELF version.

The process will be similar to the actions needed a year ago, so there is no need to worry – everything will work similarly to what you already know.

See the user guide to the course transfer

Important dates

  • Launch of the ELF version for Autumn 2022–⁠Spring 2023

    July 2022

    The new platform is ready for the transfer of courses.

  • Changing the redirection of elf.phil.muni.cz

    beginning of September 2022

    1. Since this moment, the web address elf.phil.muni.cz points to the new ELF version, which is regarded as the active one henceforth.
    2. The old versions (ELF3, ELF 20/21 etc.) remain accessible. Links to them can be found in the active ELF version.
  • Converting ELF 20/21 to read-only mode

    12th of September, 2022

    On Monday, the 12th of September, the ELF 21/22 will be switched to read-only mode, i.e., courses stored therein can no longer be modified. All users will retain their access rights, and will still be able to view the content of the courses or make their backups.

    At the same time, the read-only mode will not restrict the possibility of transferring courses to the active ELF.

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