Sharing experiences: AI in education

24 Aug 2023

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The activities take place within the framework of the NPO MUNI 3.2.1 SC A2 - Development in the field of distance learning, online learning and blended learning project with the financial support of the European Union and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Czech Republic and are implemented by the Centre for Information Technology of the Faculty of Arts MU. Project registration number NPO_MUNI_MSMT-16606/2022.

Note: This event will be taught in Czech only

Date: 12. 9. 2023

Time: 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM

Place: classroom D21, Faculty of Arts MU

The meeting is intended for all those interested in artificial intelligence.

At the meeting you will learn how your colleagues use AI in various work tasks, how they create exercises for learners. You can come just to get inspired, discuss or share your experience using AI. The goal is to share specific and practical examples of how AI can be used.


Tereza Talavašková

Introduces GPT chat options when creating a lesson plan. The presentation will focus on the integration of technology into teaching.

Ondřej Hudec

I use GPT Chat when teaching English in high school. It is most helpful in the planning phase with coming up with activities, exercises, questions and other materials for lessons for different levels. Using it in the lessons themselves has been a challenge so far. I also see a huge opportunity in explaining to students how to use AI in learning the language and improving their writing skills.

Hana Žižková

  • I presented some of my experiences at the May faculty meeting. I am also leading a SOT on the linguistic analysis of ChatGPT. For the fall semester, I plan to include statements about whether they worked with AI tools in student evaluations, and I am also preparing the possibilities of using ChatGPT in teaching Czech at the high school level for a seminar in Teaching Czech Language and Literature.
  • Fall semester challenge: incorporating AI into the classroom. Questions to address: How much do FF students use AI? How to prepare future teachers for their students to take AI for granted? The possibilities and limits of integrating AI into teaching.

Lucie Tomaňová

In one of my informative lessons on language self-learning, I show students how to make GPT chat a study partner. Outside of that, I work on AI in library areas such as: citation, information education (mostly critical thinking, information literacy, 21st Century Competencies, etc.), Open Science, and issues around digital curation of AI tools. The topic of the presentation will be selected based on the interest of the participants.

Karolína Stehlíková

We used Chat GPT in our editorial work in the preparation of this year's Teatrocén newsletter, where we reported on the Theatre World Brno theatre festival with students as part of the Production of the Festival Newsletter course. It was more of an experiment, but as I found out later we were not the only ones. Colleagues in Olomouc at the Flora Theatre Festival attempted (more systematically) to do the same.

Zdeněk Záhora

Reading the essays and getting some feel for the strange style; addressing the situation to the learners and specific (anonymised) examples of dialogue with the caught/caught. Or, they confessed to me and where it led them.

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If you have any questions, please contact Marie Sedláková.

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