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Do you want your university website in a MUNI unified visual style, which you would manage by yourself in a simple content management system? Or are you looking for more demanding web hosting for tailor-made solutions? The new University Web and Webdesign Services will offer you both.

11 Nov 2021

We are constantly striving to improve our services and develop them to meet the current needs of our users. The proof is the service University Web and Webdesign Services, through which we offer the university the possibility of creating and ensuring the operation of websites in two ways. What are they, how do they differ, what are their benefits and how to decide which one to choose?

Umbraco Content Management System – Like a Lego

The Umbraco content management system is a web application in which you manage all the agendas associated with the operation and creation of the website. With dozens of components suitable for different types of messages (plain text, images, combinations of both, quotes, banners, photo galleries, and much more), you can put the web and its pages/subpages together like Lego - so Umbraco resembles a web kit.

“Thanks to the unified web kit, you don't have to deal with web design; you only focus on the logical and aesthetic arrangement of the content. You don't need to program or understand HTML, you will create web content in a graphical interface, and we will arrange more complex functions for you.”

Pavel Budík
team leader of webists from the Institute of Computer Science (ICS), which is behind the development and deployment of the Umbraco system at the university.

More than 420 university websites have been created in the Umbraco system, including the main website of the university and almost all faculty websites. The main advantages of Umbrac include:

  • time and cost savings (a team of webists take care of a lot of things)
  • no need for technical knowledge (webists will set more complex requirements or tailored parts for you)
  • you focus on content (you are not dealing with webdesign)
  • long-term sustainability and updates (news and customization)
  • it is free (unless there are specific requirements)
  • technical support - if you are not sure how to edit, there are instructions, hints and tips to help you

cPanel – Solutions for More Demanding Users

Is Umbraco "not enough" for you? Then we offer the opportunity to create a website in cPanel, which is web hosting designed for demanding and extreme requirements where a tailor-made solution is needed. In addition, it relieves you of worries about installing and running your server. The cPanel option is suitable, for example, for demanding databases that the Umbraco system cannot handle technically.

Web presentations implemented in cPanel include, for example, the student news portal lemur, the educational project Agama of the Faculty of Education, and about 45 other websites. Creating and managing a website in cPanel has the following advantages:

  • your complete control - you create and run the website by yourself, so you have complete control over it
  • tailor-made solution - whether you are technically proficient or you use an external programmer, in cPanel it is possible to run a customized web application

So which Solution to Choose? Webists will Advise 

If you are not sure whether to choose Umbraco or cPanel for your website, keep in mind that when creating a website, you always need to think that making a website does not end with launching it.

Especially for longer-term projects, you will have to deal with updates, functionalities addition, or error correction over time. For websites in cPanel, you have to take care of everything by yourself or your representative. In Umbraco, everything is solved by ICS webists, who provide full support to editors and are ready to help with technical and other problems.

In case of indecision, we recommend you to contact the e-mail adress of the webists team who will contact you and advise you based on your requirements.

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