Webinars and Other News in MS Teams

What have Microsoft developers prepared for us this time? In MS Teams, the possibility of organizing webinars with the option of registration has appeared, but also, for example, a change and improved possibility of sharing the screen or turning off the cameras of the meeting participants.

7 Jun 2021

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Try the New Webinar Feature

MS Teams has added a new function designed specifically for the organization and holding of webinars. These differ from "ordinary" meetings in that they offer the option of setting up registration. Thanks to it, you will also have a list of participants registered in this way.

The advantage of webinars is also the prepared authorization in a meeting, where the organizer and directly invited users are presenters, while registered persons are participants who need to be approved from the lobby. Webinars will be appreciated by all organizers who organize various online trainings and educational courses for which it is necessary to register.

New Sharing Option

When sharing in the MS Teams application, the options bar at the bottom is no longer displayed, but directly below the share button in the upper right corner of the window (see the picture). Don't worry, the functionality as such remains, only the visual form changes. For example, to select a specific window, simply click on Window and then select from the list.

Change of the Settings in Teams

The settings in the MS Teams application also underwent a change. Now you will find, for example, settings or manual updates via 3 dots, while when you click on your photo or initials, status settings, status messages, changes to the environment (if you are a guest in another organization) and account logout will be displayed.

Turn Off the Camera for a Specific Person or an Entire Class

Nastala situace, kdy je potřeba v roli organizátora zasáhnout a vypnout videopřenosy účastníků? Vyzkoušejte novou funkcionalitu vypnutí kamery v hovoru. Tuto možnost uvidíte u konkrétního účastníka přes Další možnosti (3 tečky) nebo pro všechny přes Další akce (opět 3 tečky – tam, kde stahujete prezenčku). Stalo se, že tuto funkcionalitu nevidíte? Pak je potřeba ověřit, zda daného člověka máte v účastnících (přes Možnosti schůzky).

Has there been a situation where it is necessary to intervene in the role of organizer and turn off video transmissions of participants? Try the new functionality to turn off the camera in a call. You will see this option for a specific participant via More options (3 dots) or for all via Other actions (again 3 dots - where you are downloading a presentation). Have you not seen this functionality? Then you need to verify if you have the person in the participants (via Meeting Options).

Improved List of Participants

A new feature is also an improved display of participants and their roles, which is clearer and more comfortable for the organizer.

You'll notice this change when you click Show Attendees next to your meeting. If it has a large number of participants, you need to click on Show All at the bottom, which will take you to the list of people with the selected role. To return to the previous menu, you have to click on the back arrow next to the role name.

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