New Features and Tweaks in MS Teams

The beginning of May brings new functionalities and tweaks for MS Teams. For example, you can enjoy a more transparent display of meeting participants, news in Breakout Rooms, or the possibility of an immediate meeting via Outlook.

10 May 2021

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Control Over Uninvited Meeting Participants

When organizing a meeting in Teams, you now have the option of meeting settings, which automatically sends to the lobby those who the organizer did not originally invite. For example, suppose your invited colleague forwards a meeting invitation to another colleague. In that case, he or she will be instructed to wait in the lobby until the presenter (organizer) decides to accept it. This prevents uninvited people from attending the meeting without your knowledge.

Improved Attendance List

You can still download the attendance list during the meeting, as you are used to. In addition to the standard format, you now have an extended version available, which you can find in the chat or when opening the event in its details. This new version also shows the meeting duration, the email (if it's a university address), and the role within the meeting.

New Meeting View

In meetings, you will find a new view that puts participants with the camera on in the foreground, and others are only on a smaller scale. It also allows visibility (Select/Spotlight) for up to 7 participants at once. This functionality is gradually being deployed, don't be afraid if you don't have it in your Teams yet.

Features in Breakout Rooms

There are three new tweaks available in the Breakout rooms:

  1. Setting the room duration - after filling in the time setting, the rooms will automatically close and the participants will return to the main meeting.
  2. Ability to move users between rooms, even if they are already open.
  3. Preserve group configuration for recurring meetings.

External Presenters in Live Events

Adding an external presenter means that an anonymous or external user can be in the role of presenter, however, he/she must use the Teams desktop application.

Instant Meeting in Teams via Outlook

You can now start a Teams meeting directly on the Calendar tab in Outlook by clicking Instant Meeting.

Edit Meeting Permissions Directly in Outlook

When you add a Teams meeting in Outlook, you can modify the meeting permissions before sending it (you can find them in Meeting Options). That's all - a minor tweak that will please.

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