Cyber Compass, a Unique Cybersecurity Course

How not to be fooled in cyberspace or how to create a secure password? The Cyber Compass online course from the CSIRT-MU cybersecurity team presents practical advice and guidance to help you easily take care of yourself in cyberspace.

We will not (yet) make you a cybersecurity expert, but we will teach you how to behave responsibly and safely in the online world and how to avoid the pitfalls that await you there.

How Not to Be Fooled in Cyberspace?

In the course, you will find 5 topics related to e.g. device security or the basics of secure communication and you will learn how to create strong passwords or how to resist manipulative techniques of so-called social engineering. Finally, in the extra lesson, you will find a summary, that you can return to and use in case of uncertainty.

5 Lessons, Each Take 15 Minutes

Do not expect endlessly long presentations and boring texts. At the beginning of each lesson, you will immediately know what it will be about and how much time it will take. For more active people there are prepared also more challenging tasks.

Experts from the CSIRT-MU cybersecurity team participated in the preparation of the online course, as well as experts from various fields from education to design. The course is therefore understandable to everyone (not only) from the general university community and the rules and advice you learn here are so versatile that you can use them in your personal life.

So what are you waiting for? Let's go :)

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