Top-Up Machines

You can recharge your SUPO account with cash through the so-called top-up machines. There are 16 of them in MU buildings. After attaching the ISIC card, you can insert banknotes that are immediately loaded into the SUPO account. The top-up machine only accepts banknotes, not coins.

What to Do, when...

... recharged amount was not credited to account?

In some cases, it takes a while for the amount to be credited to your account. If it takes more than 10 minutes, please report this to the operator or contact the ServiceDesk.

It may happen that you deposit money into the top-up machine, and you cannot dispose of it. This happens if you owe some fees for additional services (dormitories, tuition, etc.). Primarily, money is blocked from paying the amount due. Check the exact status of your SUPO account in INET.

... user cannot be verified (SUPO is not activated)?

If the top-up machine tells you that the user cannot be authenticated after the card is attached, it means that you do not have a SUPO account activated. To activate your account, follow the instructions on how to activate your SUPO account.

Top-Up Machines Distribution

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