Internal Payment System SUPO

The SUPO system (the system of payment of claims for persons) of MU is a university information system for central records of fulfillment and payment of claims of selected services of Masaryk University.

Payments can be made by a non-cash transaction (direct debit, QR payment, bank transfer, postal order, transfer from wage) or cash transaction via top-up machines, moreover, at MU cash desks (exceptional cases).

Which Services are Covered via SUPO?

  • Accomodation services at dormitories MU.
  • Catering services at MU canteens (staff only).
  • Printing and copying services provided at faculties and MU departments.
  • Retail sale of goods and services.
  • Private phone calls from landlines and mobile phones.
  • Charges at libraries.

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Be an active MU person.
  • Have a SUPO account activated.
  • Insert an initial deposit of 50 CZK (or make an agreement to pay part of the salary to the SUPO account).

What to do, when...

... recharged amount was not credited to account?

In some cases, it takes a while for the amount to be credited to your account. If it takes more than 10 minutes, please report this to the operator or contact the IT ServiceDesk.

It may also happen that you deposit money into the top-up machine and you cannot dispose of it. This happens if you owe some fees for additional services (dormitories, tuition, etc.). Primarily, money is blocked to pay the amount due. Check the exact status of your SUPO account in INET.

... user cannot be verified (SUPO is not activated)?

If the top-up machine tells you that the user cannot be authenticated after the card is attached, it means that you do not have a SUPO account activated. To activate your account, follow the instructions on how to activate your SUPO account.

... the amount transferred from the bank account was not credited to the SUPO account?

Transfers from domestic banks take 2-3 working days, from foreign banks it can take longer. If the transfer takes more days, please contact the helpdesk. It may happen that the transfer order did not include information uniquely identifying the SUPO account and enabling automatic payment assignment. In this case, you need to send a copy of the transfer order to the IT ServiceDesk to assign payment manually.

... I want to send a deposit to the SUPO account by a bank transfer order?

Data for a transfer order from a Czech or foreign bank can be found on the page About SUPO - accounts, clients, systems, payments.

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