SUPO - faster and easier recharging by credit card

Now, it is possible to recharge your SUPO account faster and easier thanks to online card payments. A QR code payment function has also been added, which simplifies filling in data in internet banking. Both options are available in INET to all users using SUPO.

7 Jul 2020

So far, it was possible to recharge your SUPO account online with a standard bank transfer and direct debit, or with cash using top-up machines. However, it is now also possible to use a quick credit card transfer to simplify payments.

There are Several Benefits to Paying by Card

  • you do not have to wait long for the payment to be credited to the university's bank account (sometimes up to several days); the amount will be credited to your SUPO account immediately after its authorization
  • you don't have to go anywhere physically (as in the case of top-up machines or when depositing at the cash register)
  • you are not charged any fees for the payment (advantage mainly for international students)

The QR Code Simplifies Payments via Mobile Banking

We have also launched a bank transfer using the QR code, which will be generated from your pre-filled data in INET. It simplifies payment by pre-filling all the data needed for payment in the mobile application after scanning (university account, variable symbol, the amount you entered).

You can find both options for money transfer in the statement of your SUPO account in INET, see print screens below.

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