ARTS Web Server
This service is provided by the Faculty of Arts, MU.

The faculty web server can be optionally used for specific requirements for web applications.

Using the server

For regular web pages at the university, we recommend using the Umbraco system as the university-wide solutionIf you have specific requirements related to your website (such as using a special web application), you can use the space at the Faculty of Arts web server subject to consulting with CIT FoA, MU.

Conditions for using the service

First, it is necessary to consult the CIT FoA technician and verify whether using the web server is appropriate for your web application. We provide the service only for special web applications, not for regular web pages. To use the service, you need to set up a faculty account to log in to the server.

How to access the server data

  • ssh/sftp/scp encrypted protocols using programs such as Putty, WinSCP or Total Commander with an sftp plugin (not provided as standard). This connection method is not restricted in any way.
  • cifs/smb protocols, i.e. connecting server data as a network drive. This connection method is restricted. Either the computer must be in the Faculty of Arts premises, or you must first log in to the university VPN.

If you access the servers from outside the faculty, always use the full name of the server, i.e. If you are unable to connect to the server, go to I cannot log in and check whether you proceed correctly. 


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