ID Cards

At MU there are several types of ID cards that prove the holder's affiliation with MU. They are needed to identify when entering buildings, classrooms, libraries and other university premises, to identify a person in relation to the catering system, and when using copiers, printers and other devices such as student-room washing machines. The general principle is that any person in MU may always hold a maximum of one valid card.

International ISIC card for students

The card is intended for full-time students. Each student receives it automatically when they enter the study.

International ITIC card for teachers

The card is intended for academic staff who have a MU employment relationship.

Employee's card

Issued to employees who have not been given an ITIC card.

ID card for students of combined form

Each student receives it automatically when they enter the study. The card is issued for the entire period of study.

Alumni Card

Issued to MU graduates who have expressed interest. The validity of the card is unlimited.

Temporary ID card

Issued to persons for whom it is not expedient (in terms of the expected validity period) that their certificate exists in a permanent form.


ID card for participants of lifelong learning

Each participants receives it automatically when they enter the study. The card is issued for the entire period of study.



Who Issues the Card and How to Get It

The issue and use of ID cards at MU are governed by the provisions of the Rector's Directive No. 3/2017 and the Quaestor's Instruction No. 5/2017. The first release and all other card-related actions (re-issue after change of personal information or loss or damage to the card) is for the staff provided by the Personnel Department of the relevant workplace, for students by the Office for Studies of the relevant faculty.

The first issue of the ID card usually takes place automatically at the beginning of the study or employment relationship at MU and is free of charge. The condition for issuing the card is to photograph the applicant. The student / employee collects the completed card at the authorized workplace; unless otherwise stated, the card is usually ready within 7 days from taking the photograph. The fees for ISIC, ITIC, and other ID cards are set by the Directive.

Changing Personal Information or Losing the Card

Students or employees are responsible to report changes of personal information or loss of the card to the relevant personnel or studies office to ensure a production of an updated or new card. If the cardholder agrees with his/her original photo, there is no need to take a photo again. The card is available again within 7 days from requesting an updated or new issue. Updated issue of ID card is provided for a fee according to the Directive.

Damaged or Non-functioning Card

If the identification or technological elements of the card are damaged, the holder of the card has the obligation to ask the authorized workplace for issue of a new card. After confirming the malfunction, the relevant workplace proceeds similarly to the change of data or the loss of the card. If a non-functioning card is physically undamaged, it is sent to a vendor's claim and the new issue is free of charge.

Expiry of the License

Upon expiry of the ISIC / ITIC card, the student / employee asks the designated workplace for the issue of a new revalidation mark (if he / she is interested). After leaving the university, the card remains the holder's property.

Other types of cards have to be returned by the holder to the authorized workplace (unless the authorized workplace provides otherwise).


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