ID Cards

Instructions: Non-functioning ID Card

What to do if you have a failed ID card (ISIC, ITIC, etc.)?
Invalidation of the card may have several causes. The term "card non-functioning" means the refusal of the service required on the basis of identity identification, such as entry to premises, buildings or rooms, ordering or dispensing food / commodities in the canteen, printing or copying in study rooms, cash insertion by a banker, etc. Refusal of the service may be due to the following reasons:

Physical Damage Occurred

  • Most sensors are equipped with an optical and / or audible identification of communication between the card and the sensor (flashing and / or beeping). If you do not record this signal, the identification card is probably not working (if the sensor works for other applicants for the same service).
  • A card with such damage does not work on any sensor. If you have any doubts, verify the functionality of your card on multiple sensors - in a canteen, in a study room, in a banker, etc.
  • If you are convinced that you have such a non-functioning card, please contact your Office for Studies (or Personnel Department) to apply for a new ID card.

Wrong Identification of the Card by the Sensor

  • Some sensors can misidentify your card (incorrectly read the internal chip) or read another chip card stored together in your documents or wallet.
  • If the sensor is equipped with an information display, you get information about the impossibility to trace the requested person or that the card is unknown.
  • Thus, communication between the card and the reader (blink / beep) is confirmed, and the card normally operates with another reader.
  • In this case, the card is OK, and the problem is in the reader (sensor). Try attaching the card itself to the sensor, and in case of persistent problems, contact operators, the service staff, or the system (study room, canteen) administrator.

The ID Card is Blocked

  • The university information system (or the system serving the given sensor) has blocked your ID, or you are not allowed to access to the requested service (you are not allowed to enter the premises / building / room, you do not have an active SUPO account, etc.).
  • As in the previous case, communication between the card and the reader (blink / beep) is confirmed, the card is functioning and works on other readers.
  • Check your card's validity in the IS
  • If everything seems OK, contact operators, the service staff, or the system (study room, cafeteria, IS, SUPO, etc.) administrator.

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