FF Security at Exams

Guide: How to Log in Using an Exam Account

Standard testing

1. Students log in using the following information:


ELF only

Outside ELF

user name






2. After you log in, browser launches automatically with the Elf login page. Students can continue working as they are used to.

3. Students can log off their computers using the key combination CTRL+ALT+DEL.

Testing with Word

1. Students log in using the following information:

user name




2. After you log in, MS Word text editor and internet browser launch. You can toggle between the two programs using the keyboard shortcut ALT+TAB.

3. If the assignment is ready, students can open it using the Open option in the File tab. The assignment is located in the X folder.

4. At the beginning, students save their text editor document using the Save As option in the File tab. For clarity, it is recommended that you save your files in the X folder; use your name and student UČO as the file name. Students should save the document first before starting to write and then save the work regularly during their work.

5. To submit the file, students should switch to the internet browser, log in to Elf and find the course and task which their work belongs to. The saved file with your text should be uploaded as the task solution.

6. Now, students can close the text editor and log off the computer using the key combination CTRL+ALT+DEL.

We recommend to display the procedure and other important information for the students directly in the classroom - display on the screen or write on the board. You can use our PDF manuals:

For a detailed description of working with the exam accounts and other methods of securing tests, see this manual (login required).

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