MUNI Digital Libraries

The Digital Library service provides expert and technical assistance for MU employees and constituents to digitize documents and make them publicly accessible on the basis of the DSpace open-source system. In addition to journals, books, and publications, the digital libraries can also store digital photos and other types of documents.

Basic Description

The service includes co-operation in the digitization project and providing standardized software and hardware for:

  • Creating a digital library
  • Data storage
  • Making data available to users
  • Photos collection, organization, access and search

Eligibility and Requirements


  • The applicant will appoint a coordinator who will coordinate the necessary activities on the interested party
  • The administrator of MU Library Information Centre (KIC) will work the digitization project out with the coordinator
  • ICS MU will provide standardized programming and (if possible) technical equipment for digital library creation, data storage and making it available to users
  • The cost of the digitization is covered by the interested party


  • The applicant will appoint an editor who will systematically collect the photos and upload them to the MU Digital Library of Photographs (DKF-MU)
  • The DKF-MU (ICS) administrator will create the appropriate photo galleries and, in cooperation with the editor, will create a methodology for their organization, administration, and potential making them accessible
  • The editor takes care of updating their photo collection

Current Digital Libraries

Czech Digital Mathematics Library Mathematical journals, proceedings, and books published in Czechia
Digital Library of the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University Scholarly monographs, journals, 
proceedings published at the MU Faculty of Arts throughout its history
Digital Library of Photographs Collections of photos from MU
Digital Library of the MU Faculty of Law Literature of law
Digital Library of Arne Novak Works of Arne Novak and other authors

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