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Whether you are in quarantine or voluntarily at the home office, remember that the conditions of your work and study environment have a significant impact on your productivity, creativity, and desire for work. Therefore, we have prepared advice and tips on how to improve your home working-space and what to do to increase your comfort.

8 Dec 2021

Tip 1 # Wireless Headphones for Free Movement

With all the noise around, headphones are a necessary part of the equipment of every home-working or home-studying person during (not only) video conferences. Wireless headphones are an even better choice. Suppose you ignore the disadvantage of the need for charging. In that case, you will appreciate the absence of wires that will not bind you and the flexibility in going to the toilet quickly when the lecturer overdoes it with the length of the explanation.

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Tip 2 # A Great Chair for a Great ... Work

This tip may become a little more expensive, but believe us; your back will thank you for it in the future. Since we spend a lot of time sitting, it's a bargain to invest in a quality office chair - for example, ergonomic or medical, which will reduce the load on the back muscles and fatigue when working on a computer.

Tip 3 # Inform Your Family that You Are in a School/Work

This applies to students and workers alike - tell your relatives at home that you are in the working process/studying for exams or taking them straight away. Your loved ones must know that your presence at home does not mean that they have the right to disturb you at any time.

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Tip 4 # Relax!

Don't overdo it - a clear mind and plenty of mental energy are important. If you are not doing well and it is too much for you, go for a short and quick walk in the fresh air and clear your head. You will see that your work or study will be much better.

Tip 5 # Noticeboards, Blackboards, To-Do Lists

Whether you are giving direction to a work project or a seminar paper, create space around you to record ideas or tasks. Get an old-school noticeboard and pin your thoughts or use a more modern solution such as a magnetic board.

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Tip 6 # Let There Be Light!

Another investment in your health. Look at the lights at your workplace to see if they are irritating your eyes during long studies/work, and replace them with daylight lamps if necessary. Biodynamic lighting, which adapts to the daytime, is a great gadget.

Tip 7 # Surround Yourself with the Green

Beautify your surroundings with greenery. The plants not only give you cozy space but also improve the air and have a positive effect on the psyche and tired eyes from the screens. Succulents are undemanding and almost without care, and they come out cheaper.

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