MS Teams Features You May not Known About

Did you know that a message can be pinned in a team chat so that important information does not escape any member? Or that you can turn off notifications to better focus on the ongoing meeting? Read about these and other improvements of MS Teams in a clear update.

26 May 2022

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Try Out Automatic Call Transcription

It's a simple novelty, the call transcription function in Teams can convert speech to written text. You no longer have to rewrite the recordings manually, just turn on the transcript, set the Czech language, and download the file after the meeting. Yes, it has some bugs, and the participants in the conversation have to speak and articulate clearly, but it is still a handy tool.

More Space-Saving Chat Display

Teams now allow you to adjust the text density in the chat to suit your needs. Depending on the size of your monitor and display preferences, you can compress chat messages to see more text at once. How to do it? Look across the three dots in Settings and select Compact in the Chat Density section. The default setting is what you have had so far.

Highlight a Specific Message in the Team Chat

Pinning a message in a team chat will make it clear to others that you don't want them to miss it. This will increase awareness, give chat members quick access to important content and help your team synchronize what's relevant in a timely manner. To highlight, hover over the message you want to pin, click the three dots (…), and select Pin.

Turn off Meeting Notifications for Better Concentration

Don't let people distract you by meeting notifications, and turn off notifications to focus fully on the ongoing meeting. You have the choice of muting notifications for every or just for individual meetings. To turn off notifications during all meetings, go to Settings on the Notifications tab, next to Meetings and Calls, and toggle the Mute notifications during meetings and calls button (see pictures).

To turn off notifications during a specific meeting, click the three dots and select Mute / Enable notifications.

Labels for Calls in Teams

A little novelty that you may not have noticed, but you are already using unknowingly. When calling in Teams, labels are added to simplify the user's orientation, see the picture.

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