How to Prepare and Manage the Exam Period

The exam period knocks on the door, and - again - it will be a little bit different. Some educators will use the possibility of exams in person, but some prefer to check students' knowledge remotely. We bring advice and tips for teachers on how to best prepare for the online exam period.

27 May 2021

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As of March 1, the methodological sheet of the RMU Study Department for the organization of teaching in the spring semester of 2021 is in force, which also regulates the subjects and studies completion.

Points to highlight from the sheet above that are important to know:

  • The subject guarantor decides on the acquisition of the exam record. The repository for the temporary storage of exam videorecordings is prepared in the IS MU.
  • Suppose a technical problem arises on the student's side that prevents the continuation of the examination. In that case, the teacher will assess whether (based on demonstrated student's knowledge until the moment of connection failure) an overall assessment can be assigned. If it is not possible to assign the evaluation, the teacher will excuse the student from the examination date and register him/her in the IS MU for an alternative date.
  • The examiner is entitled to prohibit using any audio equipment (e.g., headphones) by the student to prevent fraudulent conduct during the course completion.

The basic recommendations for online exams are summarized in the methodological sheet of remote examination and course completion.

Get Inspired by Verified Practices and Experiences

Remember that if you choose a written test, it is advisable to change its form accordingly. We recommend adjusting to the so-called "Open Book" examination because questions focused on testing only knowledge are not suitable for online form.

Take a look at the examples of suitable questions formulation, or the instructional text for creating Open Book written exams in knowledge-oriented subjects can help you.

Get inspired by the experience of other teachers. Read about the benefits of examination in the Open Book format in an interview with Robert Jahoda from the Faculty of Economics and Administration.

You Are Not Alone For That

At Masaryk University, trained experts are available to you, teachers and educators, who can advise or direct you to the right path. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact your faculty e-technician if necessary.

Do you know CERPEK? Pedagogical Competence Development Centre at MU offers help and advice with didactic methods and procedures for all university teachers - and they also have exciting seminars.

For example, suppose you would like to improve your student assessment system. In that case, you can get inspired by the seminar Discovering Innovative Ways of Assessment and Monitoring Students' Progress by Petr Sudický.

Inspiration can also be drawn from the pages dealing with online teaching at FF MU, including recommendations on dealing with online exams. This information is suitable for every teacher, regardless of affiliation to any faculty.

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