ARTS Access to Buildings and Classrooms
This service is available only at the Faculty of Arts, MU.

Access to buildings and classrooms at the Faculty of Arts, MU, for students and employees is controlled using various methods. In some cases, there is an electronic lock (e-lock). Elsewhere, it is necessary to use a key that you can borrow at the reception.


So far, e-locks have been installed only in some of the faculty buildings. You can find them in buildings A, B1, B2, C, D, M and N. 


Students can automatically access buildings and classrooms where lessons they have registered in MUNI IS take place. To access certain classrooms, you need your ISIC card. Each student should collect their card at the beginning of their study.

The classroom is accessible to students only after it has been disarmed by the teacher. Students are also allowed to access team study rooms in building D. Access for students is set up automatically. In the event that required access is not available or you need a special access to certain places for any reason, use the form to contact the CIT FF employees. 

Faculty of Arts employees/teachers

Each faculty teacher automatically obtains access to the classrooms they teach in. To access buildings, use your employee card or ITIC. Access to faculty buildings is provided automatically. Non-teaching staff can access areas where they perform their work. If you cannot access the required area, contact CIT

For detailed instructions on how to access classrooms, see the Guidelines section below.

External staff/teachers

External teachers at the Faculty of Arts need a card to access the required classrooms and buildings - the card is available from the reception in building D (A. Nováka 1) or building G (Gorkého 7). You have to certify the pick up with your signature. These receptions also provide cards for the faculty buildings which do not have their own reception. Cards for the M building classrooms can be borrowed at the reception at Komenského náměstí 2. If you have any specific requirements, please, contact CIT.

For detailed instructions on how to access classrooms, see guides in the section below. 

Building N - External teachers teaching in this building need to use an access card that can be borrowed from the receptions in building D (Arna Nováka 1) or building G (Gorkého 7).

Keys to classrooms

For buildings that are not controlled by e-locks, it is necessary to borrow the key for the required classroom at the reception. Keys to classrooms in buildings G and J have a key for the teacher’s desk attached. Room G13 with an e-lock is an exception (see previous point). There is an exception for buildings K and L, room L11 - this room has to be disarmed by the receptionist when you collect your key. To borrow keys for these classrooms, you have to have lessons registered for the respective times.

Which areas can I access?

For the list of all e-locks with available access for employees and students, go to the group section in MUNI IS. In the event that you cannot access the required location, please, contact CIT.

Specific access

If you need access to a room that is not allowed by your existing permissions, please, contact CIT and explain reasons why you need the access. Approval from the faculty bursar is required to access parking places in the garage.

Note: Lift in the building N is accessible only to the faculty employees and to students with disabilities (with a ZTP card). 


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