High-Quality Video Transmission (ultragrid) 

Association CESNET provides live broadcasts that require high image quality, resolution and minimization of delay. A typical example is the implementation of live inputs from medical operations at congresses and symposia. 

Examples of Deployments

  • Live broadcasts with high demands on image quality, resolution or delay at medical congresses (cardiac surgery, urogynecology, etc.). Broadcasts from several hospital operating theaters (even in different hospitals). In addition to the video input from the camera, we can transmit images from instrumentation (RTG, CT, endoscope etc.) incl. 3D (stereoscopic) transmission.
  • Seminars and workshops with demonstrations of new methods, eg. in medicine.
  • Fixed installations for teaching purposes (especially in areas where there is limited space or a special environment, eg. operating theaters). We have installed and managed several installations at Brno Faculty Hospitals. Systems are also used in teaching, they enable students of medical disciplines to provide quality mediation of operating fields, which are usually not available during a physical stay in the operating theater.
  • A parallel projection of movies to multiple locations. An example is the screening of films at the Faculty of Informatics Film Festival in 2016 when we were providing simultaneous transmission of films to the Scala University Cinema.
  • Artistic performances in which artists are in different locations. These include, for example, musical productions in which a number of artists are in a remote location and in live broadcasting they play together with musicians in the concert hall. 

Eligibility and Requirements

The service is available to all experts, employees, and students from institutions that are members of association CESNET. However, due to the limited staffing capacity of the implementation team, it always depends on the actual workload. It is necessary to arrange in advance, ideally with an advance of at least three months.

We provide full technical security for one-off events. If you are interested in the permanent installation of the technology, the costs vary, considering the range of wiring and required inputs from approximately 80 000 CZK (for two-point connection) and we can ensure complete specification of commissioning, training, and maintenance.

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