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Don't miss any important news! Set up automatic notifications for unread messages

Some departments regularly communicate with employees by sending a mass email or web news. These emails are sent irregularly and, in some cases, to a select group of employees. But what if you're not in that group, or if the information is not relevant to you? During the holiday season, it can easily happen that an important message is "stuck" among the newer ones.

13 Jun 2023 Dominik Alvaro Rada

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The MU Portal has a Quick Filter in the news overview, which contains the individual tags of the news items. Among them you will find news from the Faculty of Science and MU, changes and IT outages at the faculty and MU, newly published directives and much more. You can set these labels according to your preferences via the "gear wheel". You will now see customised news on the Portal according to your interests.

Setting up news listing according to preferred subject headings (tags)

If you don't work with the Portal regularly and are worried that you'll miss some of the news, you can have an automated email sent to you that will send you news from your tags every week. This way you will no longer receive news that is not of interest to you, and you will no longer miss any relevant news from the newsfeeds you follow.

Set up an automatic email with unread messages based on selected tags.
The setting is done in the MU Portal settings in the Email section or via the direct link

Attention, this regular e-mail contains only messages that you have not read on the MU Portal. If you are actively using the MU Portal and you click/read all the messages you are watching, you will not receive the email.

Didn't find your own news feed? Email us at and we'll set up a label for your messages on the Portal.

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