We met with teachers to find out how to innovate classrooms

15 Mar 2023

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The activities take place within the framework of the NPO MUNI 3.2.1 SC A2 - Development in the field of distance learning, online learning and blended learning project with the financial support of the European Union and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Czech Republic and are implemented by the Centre for Information Technology of the Faculty of Arts MU. Project registration number NPO_MUNI_MSMT-16606/2022.

On February 9, 2023, a meeting was held to discuss with teachers the design of classrooms in Building B2 at the Faculty of Arts of MU. The inspection of the classrooms and the joint evaluation showed that the lecturers found the problem mainly in the inadequate equipment of the classrooms. Most of them are designed as lecture rooms, but teachers would often welcome more interactivity and different work dynamics. However, the current layout of the classrooms prevents them from doing so.

"Instead of me adapting the classroom, I have to adapt to it." - FF MU lecturer.

The most important suggestions for improvement were:

Furniture does not allow for adjusting spaces to suit teaching needs - e.g. moving desks and chairs
Furniture makes group work difficult.
The simplicity and intuitiveness of operating technology are essential.
The location of the whiteboards and projection screen is only sometimes convenient for use.
The sound system and camera count on a static speaker. To ensure discussion among learners, the lecturer encounters the technical limitations of the microphone. Handing over the microphone could be more user-friendly.
Classrooms do not support hybrid learning.

What are the conclusions of this meeting?

It would be desirable to replace the existing linked desks with mobile desks that can be easily moved to meet the needs of different types of teaching.
Recording and conducting hybrid teaching should be easier, of better quality and allow the teacher to move freely around the classroom space. A microphone change would allow for more fluid learner engagement in discussion and other activities.
A different solution should be sought for the whiteboards and projection screen placement.

We will use the findings from this meeting to inform classroom planning and innovation. We are currently working on furniture modifications and technology upgrades within the framework of the Operational Programme Jan Amos Komenský, call 02_22_012 Development of infrastructural facilities for doctoral study programmes.

If you have any suggestions regarding the revitalisation of the classrooms, you can contact sedlakova@phil.muni.cz

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