What's New in MS Teams? Part 2

We continue to introduce new features in the MS Teams tool, which brings you easier work with video calls in a more friendly environment. Learn what they are and how to set them up so that they are available for you.

2 Oct 2020

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1. How to Set up a New Meeting Environment

In order to see the new options, you need to set them in MS Teams first. To do this, click on your photo or the circle with your initials in the upper right corner, then on Settings (Figure 1).

On the General tab, choose Enable new meeting environment (Figure 2). After restarting the application, the changes will take effect. Let's see what they are.

Obrázek 1
Obrázek 2

2. Calls and Messages in a New Window

One of the biggest news is that calls now automatically open in a new window. Thanks to this, it is possible to monitor what is happening in the meeting and, at the same time, work in Teams. By using the arrow , it is possible to open separate chat windows for different colleagues.

3. Change of the Call Control Bar Position

You can see another change directly in the video call: the call control bar is moved to the upper right corner, and it is still visible - unlike the previous version where it was hidden. The basic icons, which you know from the older version, perform the same functions as before.

Původní zobrazení
Nové zobrazení

4. New Video Call Views

In the video call, when you click on the other options (three dots , see Figure 1), new views are available such as "Large Gallery," which is accessible when more than 10 participants are in call with the running camera. It allows the display of up to 49 participants.

The "Together" mode also allows the teacher to look at the students "on the desk" (Figure 2). And if the content is shared by one of the participants, there is a "Focus" mode, which spreads the presented content across the entire window.

Obrázek 1
Obrázek 2

5. Participants Highlighting

The presenter now has the opportunity to "highlight" himself or one of the participants in the meeting. This means displaying the selected participant on all screens. You set it via the Show participants option and other options (three dots ) for the selected person.

6. Options for Ending Meetings

Meeting organizers have the option to Leave a call and End the meeting. When leaving the call, the other participants can continue the meeting, while when ending the meeting, the meeting ends (unsurprisingly) for all participants :)

7. Moving the Meet Now and Schedule a Meeting buttons

If you used the Meet Now or Schedule a Meeting button within the Team, it has moved to the upper right corner of the team channel.

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