The Change of Storing Recordings in MS Teams and Other News

MS Teams have made several changes; the most visible one is storing recordings created during meetings. Please take a closer look at them along with other news.

14 Oct 2021

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Recordings Saving to OneDrive or Sharepoint

The recordings made in MS Teams are now saved in the users' OneDrive storage instead of the Stream like users were used to so far. In the case of a team meeting, the recording is stored in the teams' SharePoint.

What else has changed in the storage of recordings?

  • By default, the record can be downloaded as a file only by the person who started the record or by the team owner (in the case of meetings on the team channel).
  • Permissions settings are made in the same way as all other files in OneDrive and Sharepoint.
  • The record can also be made available to external participants or anonymously.
  • In the case of team channel meeting,
    • the recording is saved in the team files in the folder with the channel name, subfolder Recordings.
    • all team members have access to the recording, anyone else needs permission.
    • only the owners of the team or the person who started the recording can download the recording as a file or allow its downloading to others.
  • In the case of meeting outside the team channel,
    • the recording is saved in the OneDrive of the person who started the recording in the Recordings folder.
    • participants in a meeting with an account in Office 365 MU have access to the recording for playback, for others, the access can be authorized or created an anonymous link; the record can only be downloaded by the person who started the recording unless he/she explicitly allow its downloading.

You can find more information on the detailed page of meeting recordings in MS Teams.

Presenter View in the Meeting

When sharing within a meeting, you can choose the so-called Presenter View, where your webcam will be shown on the shared content. Your presentation will look much more professional and natural.

You can try it out by selecting Share content during a call and selecting a specific option from the options under Presenter View. The Customize Button then allows you to choose the background of your choice.

Lock a Meeting from Unwanted Participants

The meeting organizer in MS Teams can lock the event - i.e., prevent access to other participants who are not invited. This is suitable, for example, for teachers who want to prevent students from other groups from joining (or do not want latecomers) or for organizers of meetings where sensitive information is addressed, and participants need to be authorized.

How to do it? Choose the Participants icon, more actions (3 dots), and Lock the Meeting. You can unlock the meeting again in the same way.

Automatic Meeting Recording

For forgetful heads, the automatic recording function, which you will find in the meeting options, is more than appropriate. As a result, each time a meeting starts, the recording starts within a few seconds. The presenter can end it manually or by ending the meeting.

WARNING - the recording owner is the person who started the meeting, not the meeting organizer. The automatic meeting recording is only possible for users licensed with A3.

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