Microsoft Teams Search Provides Faster Results and Improved Filtering

Intelligent and faster search in MS Teams is one of the four visible February news. A visual change of the Office 365 home page is another tweak to make your work a little bit easier.

3 Feb 2022

Office 365 Homepage in the New Look

Microsoft developers have prepared a surprise for February in the form of a new visual on the Office 365 homepage (see image below). The change is not just aesthetic; it aims to make it easier for users to access the content and applications they use most often or content associated with it. You can also use various filters, such as recently opened documents, favorites files, content shared with the team, and more.

The deployment of the new homepage takes place gradually during February 2022, so be patient if the change has not yet taken effect.

A New Application Called Loop

Another gradually deployed novelty is the Microsoft Loop application. You will find it under the icon (see the picture below) in the chat in MS Teams, where it presents itself as the so-called "Live Components", thanks to which you can create smart lists. Another advantage is that you can share them with other colleagues and collaborate on them in real-time, just like online Word. Try it yourself and see!

Improved Search in MS Teams

Microsoft Teams finally has a bright and faster search engine. The search results are presented on an entire page, so they are not limited to the small panel on the side of the application. They are categorized as tab pages at the top of the new results page (see image below). All this should make the search clearer and provide the user with more relevant results.

Customize Your Meeting Schedule in Outlook

Do you often move from one online meeting to another? You may appreciate the "Shorten appointments and meetings" feature in Outlook, where when you create them (if you have entered "End prematurely"), instead of one-hour meetings, a 50-minute session is created, shorter or longer meetings can be created according to the settings (see image below). This will give you time to prepare for your next meetings comfortably.

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