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This service is no longer provided. The content of the webpage is not current.


On October 18, 2020, Skype for Business was terminated and entirely replaced by MS Teams. In addition to chat and videoconference, it also includes other collaborative features. MU does not longer provide support for this application.

Skype for Business is an audio and video conferencing service that enables real-time communication. With colleagues, you can start communicating immediately with instant messaging (chat), teleconferencing of two or more users (voice and video), including sharing presentations or apps and transferring conference control, even with colleagues outside MU.

Additional Advantages of Application

  • desktop version/mobile version/web interface
  • all communication encryption
  • high-resolution video calls
  • voice communication for up to 250 users at once

What Functions Does the Skype for Business Provide?


Instant messaging (chat) lets you communicate quickly with colleagues via text. It can be used alone or in combination with other types of calls.

Teleconferencing (voice)

Voice teleconferencing is a basic communication tool. You can connect with one or more colleagues at the same time (up to 250 participants at a time).

Teleconferencing (video)

Video teleconferencing allows you to make a video call (i.e. face to face) privately with your colleague, with several colleagues, and with multiple users at once (so-called videoconferencing).

Desktop Sharing

During the call, it is possible to share your own PC desktop, the window of the selected program, the OneNote notebook or the PowerPoint presentation with the participants. All participants can watch what is happening on your computer.

Control Transfering

During the call, it is possible to give control over the desktop/program to other participants so that they can interfere with the display environment. This is useful, for example, when solving problems at a distance, a common presentation or a brainstorming session.

Call Recording

Audio and video calls and videoconferencing, including a shared PC desktop, can be recorded and saved as an audio/video file for later playback or sharing.

Eligibility and Requirements

Skype for business is a service available to all users, to use it, just basic computer knowledge, an Office 365 account and sufficient hardware (microphone and webcam) is required. For usage of all the features, it is advisable to install Skype for Business application. Some applications require additional applications, such as Word for document editing.


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