Personal Certificates

Instruction: Virtual Token for Windows Installation


The virtual token is currently offered in beta mode. Please provide feedback to if you encounter any problems.

The new version of the installation package will be available from 24. 10., we apologize for the inconvenience..

The following instructions only work for users who have migrated to a newer version and received the migration information. If you are interested in a virtual token and have not received the migration information yet, please contact us at

Download the installation file. Run the file and click on the Next button.

Enter UČO in theYour identification number (UCO). Confirm by clicking on the Next button.

Confirm the installation by clicking on the Install button.

 Click on the Finish button.

The device must be restarted to complete the installation successfully. In the dialog box, confirm the immediate restart by pressing Yes.

If you want to restart the computer later manually, press No

An icon will appear in the system notification area if the installation is successful. It is also necessary to have an active network connection to the Internet for proper operation.

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