Munimap: Maps for Web

Do you want to place a map to your website that shows the location of a particular classroom, office or other room in the premises of Masaryk University? Are you organizing a conference or different event, and would you like to get participants to know where they should come? If so, then munimap is available to you.

What is Munimap?

The munimap javascript library allows you to view interactive plans of the buildings and rooms of Masaryk University on any websites. The map window created through this library can be easilly embedded in any website, and it can be customized for a specific purpose. Munimap is also available as a component in the WebCentrum Web Kit.

The web builder can choose the default map view (center, map scale), but also he can specify objects (buildings or rooms) to be highlighted in the map. From version 1.1, you can place a "pin" at any location on the map and mark important places inside, but also outside of the university.

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What Services Does It Provide?

  • creating an interactive map window and displaying the buildings and rooms of Masaryk University
  • highlighting of chosen buildings or rooms of Masaryk University
  • editing the labels of highlighted buildings or rooms
  • placing a "pin" at any location on the map and setting its label
  • displaying MU points of interest (libraries, press centers, top-up machines, virtual tours, etc.)
  • displaying public transport stops in Brno
  • and more...
Map Content

The library provides a clear view of the layout of MU buildings and rooms above the underlying map. The map displays points of interest such as an entrance to buildings or areas, reception, stairs, lifts and more.

Custom Settings
  • map language

  • the underlying map variant

  • center setting and map zoom in the default view

  • positioning and label of your own "pin"

  • the choice of buildings or rooms to be highlighted in the map

  • a label for highlighted buildings or rooms, depending on the current map scale

Used Technologies

Using the OpenLayers library allows the user to further customize the map for its specific purpose – for example, to add its layer of spatial data.

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Everyone can use the munimap library on their websites.


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