Plans of Buildings

Do you need floor plans for a specific building? Building plans in DWG format are available for you to work in a CAD environment, or you can generate a plan as you wish in PDF or PNG format.

For What Can You Use Building Plans?

Floor or room plans can be used, for example, to facilitate orientation in buildings or to manage and maintain a property. Digital plans (in DWG format) can be used for reconstruction planning, printed plans (from generated PDF or PNG formats) are suitable for real-time use, e.g. to record current situation, etc. 

DWG files are available for download in the Drawing Documentation Warehouse application. Generating print plans is provided by MapGEN, which allows you to set what data layers should be shown in the plan and what information should appear in labels. This application is also used in the Export Plan tool in the Kompas web application, where you can search for building, floor or room by name or selected point directly on the map.

Plans can be customized on request, for example, customizing the content of plan, labels, and format in which data is provided for a particular purpose.

The freely accessible interactive building plans for viewing are provided by munimap library, which allows you to embed your plans into any website.

What Services Provides Specific Applications? 

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