ARTS Consulting and Advice

If you are purchasing new technologies and equipment for your workplace, CIT FF offers the possibility of consulting. It is useful especially if you are not sure about your choice or if you have any specific requirements for the use of the technology.

When should I ask for advice?

  • Specifications of technology or suitable solution
  • Software related matters
  • Items requiring action in the network, containing network elements or having special requirements for network elements (such as increasing the number of connected computers, etc.) - in this case, consultation is required.
  • in the preparation of grant applications related to the technical infrastructure of the faculty or e-learning
  • in the preparation of a research project using digital technologies (more on the Digitalia website)
    if you need methodological support in e-learning (contact the e-learning office)

Recommended procedure before purchasing technology

  1. Make sure what your needs, requirements and financial possibilities are. 
  2. Try to familiarise yourselves with available options and prices. 
  3. Make an appointment with CIT FF to consult the concept of the solution. 
  4. If necessary, consult the formal conditions of purchase with the Finance Office (dynamic purchasing systems and other policies concerning the choice of supplier, “type” of funds, order number...). 

CIT FF provides technical support only for computers running MS Windows. 

Providing the budget

The purchase of network infrastructure, technological units (e.g., for classrooms) and more specialised technologies is provided by the faculty or university directly from their budget or grants.

The purchase of computers and other basic equipment for teachers is usually the responsibility of individual institutes/departments and it is funded from the budget or grants of the respective institute/department. The purchase is subject to the MUNI policies. As it is always necessary to set up a procurement procedure in the dynamic purchasing system of the Masaryk University, please, be prepared for a certain amount of time delay.

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