FF Out of Office Automatic Reply

This service is provided by the Faculty of Arts, MU

This service has been cancelled as of 12 August 2022. The procedure below is no longer valid. You can now set the auto-response yourself in the settings automatic replies in O365.

If you want your faculty mailbox to respond to incoming e-mails with an automatic reply with the notification of your absence, contact the administrator of the faculty mail server via the form. Write down the text of your auto-reply and the date (and time) of the beginning and end of the period during which you want your automatic response about your absence activated.

Text: “I will be out of office between 27 July and 14 August, 2015. If your request is urgent and cannot be delayed, please, send it to…”
Period: “from 27. 7. 2015 (06:00) to 14. 8. 2015 (20:00)”

The system automatically sends only one auto-reply to the address of each sender. If you require different settings, please, specify this in the request submitted to CIT FF.

Risks associated with an automatic response

The use of any automatic response carries along a slight risk. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each user to decide whether this service is important for them and their addressees.

Mail coming to the faculty server is filtered for spam, however, it can happen that the automatic response is sent to people sending out junk mail (spam) and can be understood as a confirmation that your address is valid and thus worth selling to other interested parties. Or it may be possible to obtain other information that might be abused. There may be a problem using the automatic response for users who are members of e-mail conferences or use more complex filtering rules. Further personal risk consists in the possibility of concluding that your household is not occupied (“invitation to an empty apartment”).

The above-mentioned risks can be partially eliminated by adjusting the service so that the automatic response in your absence is sent only to a certain group of senders - for instance, only users within the faculty or university. If you are interested, specify your requirements in your request for setting up an automatic reply and submit your request to the administrator of the faculty mail server.

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