E-loan: access from home

E-loan is a service for viewing scanned study literature from MU libraries on a computer screen, without the possibility of downloading and saving it.

  • The E-loan service is available to current MU students and employees. It currently contains around 10 000 titles of study literature from MUNI libraries. To view a book in an e-loan, you must first borrow it.
  • For one book, it is possible to make only as many electronic loans at a time as MU libraries have physical copies in their collection. Loans are based on a "first come" system.
  • The user can borrow only one e-loan at a time, and the maximum loan period is 4 hours. After finishing work with the e-loan, it is necessary to return the book so that it can be immediately accessible to another user.
  • The e-loan only allows viewing the pages of selected books on the screen, no other functions (reservations, lending, etc.) allow.
A brief guide to the e-loan

Access to e-loan is possible directly via the web catalog https://katalog.muni.cz, as follows:

  1. On the initial search screen, click the E-loan filter link. You will receive a set of all e-loans in the MUNI catalog.
  2. Further, refine your requirements, locate the desired book, and expand its record by clicking the title.
  3. Scroll down the book record, and the E-loan link is displayed in the Holdings section.
  4. By clicking on the E-loan link, you will be redirected to MUNI unified login (UČO and primary password); after successful login, the pages of the book will be displayed.
  5. After successful login, you must complete the loan by clicking on the appropriate button. The maximum duration of your loan is 4 hours.
  6. When you have finished browsing or for another loan, you must return the book by clicking the Return the Book button.

Conditions for using the E-loan service

The content of the e-presentation can only be read from the logged-in user's screen. This content may not be copied, printed, stored, photographed or otherwise recorded or distributed.

Web browser recommendations

You need to use the latest versions of verified browsers e.g.Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers to work correctly in the MUNI catalog.

Detailed instructions with examples

On the catalog initial screen below the search box, click the E-loan Filter link.

You have obtained a set of all e-loans in the MUNI catalog.
Note the checkbox Keep current filter, and Genre filter turned on.
If you lose this setting while searching, the quickest way to turn on the filter is to click on the MUNI Library Catalogue logo and start your search again via the E-loan Filter.

You can further refine the set of all searched e-loans in the MU catalog according to your needs. If you know the author's name, the title of the publication you are looking for, or the subject, type this information in the search box and press Find.

Use the facets on the right to filter e-loans by Library, Format, Author, Language, Suggested Topic, Genre, Era, Region, and Year of Publication.

Click the title of the required document.

After opening the basic record display, click on the red highlighted E-loan link.

You will be prompted to log in with your UČO and primary password.

You will be asked to agree to the Terms of Service each day at the first login.

To browse the book, you have to make a loan.

You can then work with the required document. Use the arrow keys to move back and forth or type a page number (page numbers may not match the book's actual page number). You have the book available for a maximum of 4 hours. The loan expiration time is below the book return button.

If you have completed your work earlier or need to borrow another book, you must terminate your existing loan by returning the book.


You will be redirected to website with E-loan.

You are running an old browser version. We recommend updating your browser to its latest version.