Request Professional Streaming

You may wonder whether it would be better to send an e-mail or call us? It would, if you knew whom to contact. If you don’t, this form is the quickest way to pass your request to the right person.

What MUST BE entered in the form?

  1. Date, time and place of the event
  2. Number of speakers and their names (If the lecture is to be interpreted, please, indicate this as well.)
  3. Name of the lecture or event
  4. Whether additional audiovisual material will be used during the lecture (such as PowerPoint slideshows, audio or video recordings, etc.)
  5. Purpose of the recording and expected use of the recording in the future
  6. Whether you want to copy the completed recording to your own storage or hard disk *This is only an additional option. The recording will always be available in the Medial faculty media library.*
  7. If you have any additional information on the request, please, include it as well.

After submitting your request, please, wait for the confirmation e-mail from the CIT FF video studio staff. They will confirm that the recording can be made and ask for more information, if necessary.

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