Will you need an online database, web interface, etc. for your project? Read more about the possibilities of cooperation with Digitalia MUNI ARTS

13 Dec 2022

If you are preparing a project whose output is an online database, web interface with research data, etc., then you have the opportunity to use the consultation of the Digitalia MUNI ARTS faculty infrastructure team. And not only in this case! We can advise on the following:

  • deciding whether to publish the dataset in a repository (multiple options) or to create a platform
  • dataset design and recommendation of appropriate metadata standards
  • tools available for analysing humanities data (not just text data)
  • estimating the time required to achieve the research objectives - e.g. the amount of time needed for a data curator or programmer
  • assistance with budget planning for the creation of a specific platform (particularly useful before submitting a project application)

You'll also be able to work with us to incorporate your platform into the MUNI ARTS Digitalia faculty infrastructure. In this case, two options are available:

  1. Free of charge. Within the LINDAT/CLARIAH-CZ project, we transfer existing platforms created in the past as part of a research project to a long-term managed faculty infrastructure (e.g. Film Brno) free of charge. Specific platforms for transfer are selected based on specific criteria.
  2. With financial participation. We also offer the possibility to arrange specific cooperation on an upcoming project (e.g. GAČR, NAKI, etc.), which will result in creating a long-term maintained platform within the faculty infrastructure Digitalia MUNI ARTS. The prerequisites are
  3. at least two joint meetings before the submission of the project (clarification of the project objectives and the idea of the resulting platform);
  4. inclusion of part-time programmer and curator in the personal costs of the project;
  5. Agreement to implement established standards for all platforms within Digitalia MUNI ARTS;
  6. agreement to submit metadata to the DARIAH national node;
  7. the available time of the team running Digitalia MUNI ARTS.

We look forward to hearing about your interesting ideas and projects. Consultations can be arranged at lindat-clariah@phil.muni.cz.

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