Take the Opportunity to Join Workshops For Educators Organized by CERPEK

Experts from CERPEK prepared autumn workshops for MUNI teachers, focusing on improving and supporting teaching at Masaryk University. In total, it is possible to choose from 10 topics and dates. What's more, workshop participation is entirely free.

31 Aug 2021

Although the primary target group is mainly beginning teachers from doctoral students and young academics involved in teaching, more experienced teachers - who, for example - are looking for new ways and impulses for their teaching are also welcome.

Those interested can choose, for example, from the courses as How and when to set up relationships with students, How to teach combined students, How to take care of my workability and satisfaction in career development and other educational topics.

"Education goes through a relationship. This is something that pedagogical science and practice tell us. At the same time, research and practice offer us strategies on how to try to build the relationships that fit the education. My workshop is intended for those teachers who start the semester in a few weeks and want to start it well not only in terms of content, but also in terms of relationships, "says Petr Sucháček, one of the lecturers and leaders of the workshops. And as he adds, the workshops aim to be as beneficial as possible for the participants: "A little science, a lot of practice and a maximum of sharing what worked and what didn't."

If you are interested in the educational activities of CERPEK, the center offers video recordings of previously held workshops on its website, which is continuously updated.

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