MUNI Unified Login

Instructions: How to Correctly Refer Users to MUNI Unified Login (Branding)

This guide is designed for administrators of services connected to MUNI Unified Login and prescribes mandatory rules for the appearance of the login screen. It does not apply only to services that do not have their own login screen and immediately redirect users to MUNI Unified Login (e.g.

Button Types

Websites in the University Framework

For applications using the university framework, it is reccomended to use the HTML variant of buttons for the unified login (sample page – located on the bottom).

Websites with custom design

The reccomended variant is to use one of the two premade buttons for dark or light themes in the downloadable zip archive.

No description

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Modifications and parameters of the login button

The MUNI Unified Login link should be easily identifiable at a glance, so it is reccomended to use one of the two standard buttons. However, if the standard buttons cannot be used for your service, they can be customized.

The vector template for customization is provided in the downloadble zip archive.


When sizing up or down, the aspect ratio must be mantained.


The recommended text is "Log in with MUNI" or "Register with MUNI". Alternatively, you can just use the text "MUNI", "Masaryk University", or "M" (in MUNI font) if it makes sense in the context of the application.


The button can be either white #FFFFFF or blue #0000DC. The "M" logo must always be on a blue background.

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