ECON Terminal servers

A terminal server is a computer that can be operated remotely after authentication as if you were sitting right at its monitor. For example, you can use software installed on the remote computer, use data stored on it or connect to other devices using it.

Terminal server at ESF - Orion

The Orion server can only be accessed by connecting to the university network using a VPN (Virtual Private Netvork): Connection from home (VPN). Only after successfully logging into the university network can students proceed to connect to the Orion terminal server.

On Windows 10 (and later), this access is possible using Remote Desktop Connection. From an Apple device, the terminal server can be accessed e.g. via the Microsoft Remote Desktop client.

Login credentials:

In the "Computer" field, enter the text:, or the IP address UCN\yourUČO. Use your secondary IS password as the password.

After logging in to the server, students can run the ASPI, Witness, MS Dynamics NAV 2018, Statistica or TaxEdit applications installed here. The ASPI program can be run immediately after logging in to the server (ASPI icon on the desktop). There is no need to download the ASPI client or enter license information as is required when using the license from the Law School.

For licensing reasons, only ESF students can access the terminal server. Faculty employees do not have access to the terminal!

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