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The e-learning office of CIT FF MU is preparing two seminars for teachers in June, which are thematically related to each other. You can participate in both of them or choose only one of them. You can always find the registration below the annotation.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

7 Jun 2022

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Study materials in e-learning

Thursday 16 June 2022

13:00 - 16:00

Room: D2TYM7

Lecturer team:

PhDr. Miroslava Dvořáková, Ph.D.,
Mgr. Petra Mejzlíková,​
Mgr. Jan Štěpánek

The purpose of the workshop is to look together at creating study materials for university students. We will talk about how to make the work of creating study texts easier and how to make it easier for students to learn from them to remember as much as possible and be able to use them further. Participants will try their hand at editing a simple text into a form suitable for effective study. It will also demonstrate the possibilities of inserting study materials and related activation and feedback elements into IS and LMS Moodle (ELF).

Registration for the event:


(In)performance of study tasks

Wednesday 22 June 2022 at 13:00

Room: C41, FF MU

Mgr. Ingrid Procházková, Ph.D.

Doing study tasks with Wanda

Have you ever encountered any of the following events? You have given students an assignment, clearly announced the deadline, and then you were surprised to find that only half of them completed the assignment by the deadline?

  1. b) You were surprised to find that all of them handed in the assignment, but half of them essentially did a different assignment?
  2. c) and a few days before and after the due date, you receive several questions from male and female students about the assignment, the deadline, and the submission?

If you repeatedly encounter these and similar situations in various variations, come share your experiences with other teachers and with Wanda accompanying you. Wanda is a unique technique of facilitated group reflection that allows you to address the challenges of everyday teaching practice. Wanda is based on the belief that teachers learn best from each other, and their experiences are a source of endless inspiration. Mgr Ingrid Procházková, Ph.D. from the Centre for the Development of Pedagogical Competences will moderate Wanda.

Registration for the event:

For any questions, you can contact:
Bc. Marie Sedláková
e-Learning Methodologist

The workshop is realized within the project NPO MUNI 3.2.1 SC A2 - Development in the field of distance learning, online learning and blended learning.

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