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MU National Renewal Plan - Development in Distance Learning, Online Learning and Blended Learning

In the coming months, we are preparing several projects funded by the National Recovery Plan. The projects should include a series of workshops and mini-conferences in addition to supporting teachers in using IT in the classroom. For more information on the projects, please see the article:

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Learn how to work with virtual and augmented reality technology

Two more workshops on the use of virtual and augmented reality devices will be held in June. With these technologies, you can try your hand at things like 3D drawing, creating spatial mind maps and much more. The workshop will take place in the Makerspace of the FF MU Central Library in cooperation with the FF MU Information Technology Centre as part of the NPO MUNI 3.2.1 SC A2 - Development in Distance Learning, Online Learning and Blended Learning project. The workshops will be available in Czech language only.

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O365 training continues

Several more training sessions will be held before the end of June, during which interested parties will learn the basics of working with Office 365 programs. Don't miss this opportunity and attend one of them. Training sessions are scheduled every Thursday from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. You can participate in person or online. These training sessions will be taught in Czech language.

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Transfer courses in ELF to the new installation

Before the start of the autumn semester of 2022, we will again be transferring courses to the new ELF installation (Moodle). The new installation will be made available from around the middle of the summer holidays; important dates will be communicated to users in advance. The new installation contains minor changes, which you can read more about in the article on the website. More detailed information will be published in the coming period.

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Eduroam: login changes

As a reminder, there have been changes to the Eduroam and VPN configuration. If you are having problems connecting to the network, first try deleting the network from the list of known networks and reconnecting. If this does not solve the problem, follow the instructions on

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Turn off computers and projectors after class

Please always turn off the computer (or the projector if it is on) when you are finished in the classroom. This will reduce wear and tear on the equipment and reduce energy consumption.

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Nearpod - what is it and how to get a premium license?

Nearpod is an online presentation creation tool that goes beyond the capabilities of more familiar programs (e.g. PowerPoint). If you want to make your presentations more impressive, Nearpod is for you. In addition, FF MU employees can get a free premium license that allows them to use an even wider range of features.

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MS Teams features you may not have known about

Whether you're a student or an employee, you may find tips on lesser-known features of MS Teams useful. Even though many users don't know about them, they can be very useful, so our colleagues from ICS have summarized them in a clear article.

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Digitize materials cheaply and directly at FF

You can continue to use CIT's digitisation services. Our staff is fast, friendly and the price for the service for users from MU Faculty of Arts (but also from other MU faculties) is better than with external suppliers. Thus, you can easily convert your study or research materials into digital form directly at our faculty.

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If you are preparing a digital platform for research, use our consultation

If you are developing a digital collection, archive, database or another research platform, we would be happy to meet with you to discuss your needs in detail. We also offer seven general recommendations, which are available at the link below.

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Display your articles on the Digital Humanities website to increase the reach of your texts

The Digital Humanities website aims to collect interesting projects and activities related to the digital humanities and highlight the most interesting ones. If you are working with the events module on your Umbraco website, you can forward them to our website with a few clicks. In addition, we also offer the possibility to write and publish popularisation articles directly on our website. This collaboration would work so that one representative of your department would have access to the articles on our website. If you are interested, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at

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