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Dear colleagues,

We are sending you the last CIT newsletter of the year - we have selected, as usual, news about some of the past and upcoming activities of our department, hoping that you will find them informative or even inspiring.

The end of the year is a challenging time - we face exhaustion and traffic overload with, among other things, a firewood collection for people affected by the war in Ukraine; you can join the Three Kings by bringing your computer to us for service in our 3rd floor building. B1.


We ask you to find a simple remedy against resignation to the glitches and shortcomings of technology in our administration: send us a short message about it to, and we will fix it, or at least we try. :)

We wish you and us a good end of 2022
Daniel Mikšík and the entire Centre for Information Technology FF MU

This Year's Changes to Email Inboxes

Our users' email inboxes have undergone a big change this year. While they look the same on the outside (the address has been retained), the core is different. With all mailboxes, we have gradually switched from faculty servers to O365.

In connection with this, the need to use Webmail, which was designed for mail management, has been eliminated. We have therefore removed the reference to the program from all departmental website footers. Anyway, if you prefer to use a web browser to read and send mail, you can use the online version of Outlook instead of Webmail.

How to Prevent Relevant Emails from Falling into the Spam Folder

Do you find that some emails addressed to you end up in your spam folder even though they are not supposed to be spam? At the Centre for Information Technologies, we have prepared some recommendations for minimising this problem. For centrally managed PCs, we have already set up everything you need remotely, but if you are using your own PCs, you will need to change the settings yourself. Read more about this topic in our article.

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Activities Under the National Recovery Plan

This year we launched activities funded by the National Recovery Plan. The project, entitled Developments in Distance Learning, Online Learning and Blended Learning, includes a Scholarship Programme; the 0.1 Programme; funding opportunities for teaching assistants and a conference on e-learning. We have also held several workshops and meetings focused on e-learning. You could have attended the following:

  • A workshop on creating learning materials in e-learning
  • A meeting focused on (non-)performance of tasks in e-learning
  • Introductory meeting on hospitalization in hybrid and online learning
  • Legal issues and copyright in online and e-learning
  • MS Office 365 mobile and activation tool
  • Introduction to virtual and augmented reality

More details are described on the NPO website.

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Internal Conference of the CIT FF E-Learning Office

At the end of November, we held our first internal Office of e-Learning conference, where attendees could learn about how colleagues work with Padlet, Nearpod and Socrative, for example. There was also a demonstration of the university's KvIS. Finally, on the agenda was a presentation of the projects that received support in the Scholarship Programme for Supporting Technology in Teaching, and we also presented the activities of the Office of e-Learning.

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We Organized Another Annual Conference Digital Data from the Perspective of a Humanities Researcher

On November 29, 2022, the third edition of our online conference Digital Data from the Perspective of a Humanities Researcher took place. This time, the event included a hands-on workshop where participants learned how to work with a specific tool. If you were unable to attend, you can watch the recordings of the lectures, which are available in the Medial Faculty Library. Specific links can be found in the attached article.

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Are You Preparing a Digital Collection, Archive, Database or Other Research Platform and Thinking About the Steps, Approaches and Challenges? 

If you are preparing a project whose output is an online database, web interface with research data, etc., then you have the opportunity to use the consultation of the Digitalia MUNI ARTS faculty infrastructure team. And not only in this case! We can also advise you on many other aspects related to research.


CIT FF Recommendation: Are You Planning to Buy a PC for your Workplace? We Have Recommendations for You.

Our recommended Lenovo ThinkCentre M75 q Gen 2 + TIO4 LCD 23.8" is cheaper than a PC with a monitor, has a built-in camera with microphone and is more economical. Therefore, we consider it a suitable choice for your workplace. However, if you feel that it is not suitable for you, you can discuss your purchase with us via a consultation where we will discuss with you everything you expect from the device and can recommend a different one accordingly.

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We Have Opened Applications for the Scholarship Programme to Support the Use of Technology in Teaching and the 0.1 Programme

From December 2022, we have launched the next round of our scholarship programme to support the use of technology in teaching. In addition, it is also possible to apply for the 0.1 Programme - this allows you to use funding from the National Support Plan for a member of staff or assistant who is creating e-learning learning materials (i.e. 0.1 FTE will be dedicated to this activity).

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