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CIT Newsletter 3/2023: New computers in buildings G and J, TS Relay shutdown, classroom evaluation results and more

Replacement of teacher computers in buildings G and J

We have replaced all the teacher computers in the classrooms of buildings G and J. The goal of the replacement is to increase performance, speed and reduce projection dropouts. However, the new computers no longer have DVD drives, so please contact CIT if you need projection from CD or DVD.

Automatically add FF employees and PhD students to the Microsoft Office 365 user support team 

For some time now, MS Teams has had a faculty Microsoft Office 365 user support team where we regularly inform about new features in Office 365 and address user questions. To ensure you don't miss any important updates and changes, we are automatically adding all staff and PhD students in our Faculty to the team since 11 September. We also remind you that we have a faculty website set up with basic information and tutorials on how to use the most important Office 365 applications. On the website you will also find a link to the above-mentioned user support team.

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Workshop on H5P in ELF

Are you wondering how to make learning more interesting, interactive and attractive for students? How to engage them in online learning? How to create online self-study materials more effectively? The H5P module opens up a lot of new possibilities to make learning more effective, so we are organizing a workshop on 27 September at 14:00 to learn how to use it. Details of the workshop are described in the article on the website.

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Deadline for the programme Teaching Assistants for Technical Support

The application deadline for the Assistance for Technical Support programme is approaching. You can apply until 29 September 2023 to receive support with technical teaching issues (especially in the classroom). As part of the program, we offer funds to financially reward students who assist instructors during class time, whether in face-to-face, hybrid, distance, or online instruction.

Details of the program, including an application form, can be found on the website.

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ELF 2023/2024 news

The new version of the ELF for the academic year 2023/2024 uses a higher version of Moodle, which brings several changes and improvements. To give you an idea of what changes to expect, we have summarised the most important ones in an article in ELF.

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Evaluation of classrooms

In the autumn of 2022, thanks to the support of the NPO, we conducted a survey among teachers to find out about their experiences with the classrooms at the Faculty of Arts MU. We found out what teachers lack in our classrooms, whether they are happy with the current equipment, etc.

Details about the results of our survey can be found on the website.

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Switching off TS Relay

During the August Medial outage, the TS Relay servers were also shut down. Due to the cancellation of support by the program creators, its technical outdate and low usage at our faculty, we have decided not to resume the service of this program. If screen recording is needed during teaching, the recording of the meeting in MS Teams can be used. If you have TS Relay installed, you can continue to use it, but it is no longer possible to automatically upload videos to Medial and log in under your university account.


Tablet rental

Do you teach at FF MU and want to enrich your lessons with mobile technologies? We will be happy to lend you tablets with apps that are suitable for this purpose. Tablets are also available for loan to students at FF MU. All details can be found on our website.

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Team about AI for employees

Since the faculty has so far lacked a single shared place for sharing information and experiences with the use of AI, we have established a faculty-wide team in MS Teams to serve these purposes. At the moment, this will primarily be a venue for free discussion open to all potentially interested parties (academics, PhD students and service staff). As of 9/11, we are automatically adding all staff and PhD students of our faculty to the team.

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History of CIT: Distance Lecturing in 2003 (Czech only)

Today we will not go back directly to the history of CIT, but to our colleagues at the Institute of Computer Science, because even there you can sometimes find interesting facts from the past of the IT environment at MU. In the archives we came across an interesting article describing the beginnings of distance learning at MU. Today, thanks to more modern technologies, these procedures can be applied with a few mouse clicks, but 20 years ago such a lecture required quite a lot of preparation. So how did distance lectures, which are now an integral part of the teaching in some study programmes, begin?

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