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CIT Newsletter 2/2023: New web analytics tool, AI in education, exam account changes and more

AI in education - a meeting to share experiences

In September, we are planning to organize a meeting focused on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education. We will showcase specific examples of the use of this technology while drawing inspiration from our colleagues. If you would like more information, please sign up using the form below.

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Changes in web analytics: Google Analytics and Matomo in Umbraco

Sites utilizing the Umbraco system now offer the capability to monitor web analytics directly within the system. For this purpose, the Webcentrum has adopted the Matomo tool, which, unlike the previously used Google Analytics tool, enables the storage of collected data on the university server and brings several other advantages. We provide a detailed breakdown of the specifics in the article.

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Submit your topic for the Digital Humanities Conference

The call for topics for the Digital Data from a Humanities Scholar's Perspective conference is open until June 26, 2023. If you are engaged in research utilizing digital tools and would like to share your experiences with fellow scholars, this could be the perfect opportunity to present your work.

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Update on exam account names in ELF

We have recently made changes to the settings of secure user accounts. As a result, when conducting tests for students using these accounts, please ensure you utilize the new login details. For specific information, please refer to the Exam Security section.

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Scheduled maintenance and update for Medial in August 2023

Please be aware that Medial will be temporarily unavailable in August 2023 due to planned system repairs and upgrades. Throughout this month, the following functionalities will be impacted:

  • Uploading new videos to Medial
  • Playing existing videos, including those accessed through other systems where Medial serves as the source (e.g., in ELF)
  • Uploading classroom recordings or streaming

Considering this outage, kindly make necessary arrangements for alternative options if you require video access or usage during August. If you need to record in the classroom during this period, please contact to arrange further action.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this period.

Scholarship Programs are still open! Send your application

Applications are currently being accepted for the scholarship programs provided by the NPO. These programs include the following:

  • The Program Program, which aims to promote the use of technology in teaching.
  • The Teaching Assistants Program.
  • The 0.1 Program.

For further information about the programs and important dates, please visit our website.

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ELF's new life cycle

Similar to previous years, we will be migrating to a new ELF installation for the upcoming academic year. The new installation will go live in July/August, allowing you to utilize it and transfer your courses accordingly. However, if you need to work on a course at present, you can begin in the existing environment and subsequently transfer it to the new system, as is the annual practice. Further details can be found in the attached article.

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How to spot phishing attempts

Are you familiar with the techniques to identify phishing emails? With cybercriminal attacks growing in sophistication, it's crucial to remain vigilant. CSIRT-MU has prepared an article outlining some fundamental tips to assist you in recognizing phishing attempts. For instance, it's common for attackers to impersonate university employees.

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Update on document sharing settings

There have been changes to the file sharing settings in O365 document management tools. By default, all files are now configured to be shared only with specific users. Therefore, when sending a document, you must either share it with a particular individual or adjust the file settings for broader access. This change has been implemented to enhance file security, as the previous settings had a higher potential for sensitive data leaks.

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Internet Unavailability on 14 July in K and L Buildings

Kindly be informed that on 14 July, there will be a complete internet outage in buildings K and L throughout the entire day. This outage will impact both wireless and wired connections.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding.

CIT History: Experiments with AI - Colorizing Photos from the Past

For this edition of CIT history, we wanted to incorporate something special. With the widespread interest in artificial intelligence, we decided to employ it to add color to our archive photos. The outcome is rather impressive (see photos bellow). Additionally, we attempted to upscale the photos, aiming to enlarge them, but the results didn't meet the anticipated quality. We will explore this further in future attempts. :)

To accomplish the colorization, we utilized the tool.

Have you encountered a technical problem or do you need help with something? Please submit CIT service requests through the web at

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